NIE Number (Fiscal number)

One of the first steps you should undertake is when you want to buy a house in Spain is to apply for a NIE number. This ‘Número de Identificación de Extranjero’ is comparable with a fiscal number. Both foreign residents as non residents who want to buy a house in Spain must apply for a NIE number.

Where a residence is not obligatory, it is important to apply for a Spanish fiscal number. You need the NIE number in Spain:

  • To buy a house
  • To work for a company
  • To work independent or to start your own company
  • To present a Spanish tax document
  • To open a bank account
  • To put the water and electra on your name
  • To join the local elections
  • To put a Spanish car on your name

There are several ways to apply for a NIE number. You can do it yourself at the police station (Comisaria de Policía), foreign department (Departemento de extranjeros). A huge advantage is that the request will be handled very quickly: within a few weeks and maybe even the same day. Very important is that you bring the right documents with you: an already filled in application form (with some extra copies) and your passport (with a copy).

Real estate agency
Another way is to apply for the number through your embassy. This will take much more time: sometimes up to ten weeks. In most cases the real estate agent takes care of the request. Therefore the agent will make an appointment at the police station to pick up your NIE number.

Application form
You can read more information about the application of a NIE number on the website of the Spanish Ministry of Internal Affairs. At the same time you can download the application form that you will have to present at the police station.
Unfortunately this document is only available in Spanish.